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Finding Equilibrium: How TMS Software Can Tip the Scales To Achieve Supply Chain Success

Supply chain management is a balancing act. Similarly, quarter after quarter or year over year, no matter how you look at it,美国经济的宏观趋势and their impact on freight transportation are also always changing. We’ve compiled wisdom from freight transportation industry stakeholders to explore how a运输管理系统(TMS)可以帮助您导航这些影响,采用TMS软件,在供应链中实现改进的性能和主动决策。



Driver wages and benefits are the number one cost for motor carriers at 43% of cost per mile (CPM). The ATRI report pointed out that labor costs shift up or down based on driver experience, safety performance and different compensation models. Similarly, insurance is another highly variable cost center due to rate structures that vary between industry segments and different risk models. Fuel—another of the highest cost centers—also continues to exert pressure on overall CPM.


随着许多经济因素和维护的成本,任何市场成功的关键都是专注于效率和生产力。解决该主题并提供有价值的建议,最近是最近网络研讨会的演示者使供应链智能更快,更快。The event was hosted by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine and; it was moderated by Deborah Lockridge, editor-in-chief.


Providing a view into how数字技术正在转换供应链交通运营如何利用这些解决方案,是施耐德物流供应链管理高级副总裁迈克尔库基纳。金莎真人平台开户




Transportation companies simply cannot compete in tomorrow’s supply chain without technology, Kukiela noted. “A digital footprint on every critical supply chain action enables continuous improvement and relaxes tensions,” he stated. “It is the key to assessing performance and the foundation of opportunities and differentiated experiences.”



但是,仍然存在的是了解如何开始实现可见性工具,TMS解决方案和其他功能,Kukiela注意到,添加“为运输运输建造的TMS可以是所有这项活动的中心集线器。金莎真人平台开户它是沉重的升降,节省时间并消除头痛。从收获电子订单进行规划和使用自动预测工具,以主动地向托运人推动过境状态更新,并持有digital transaction record, it transforms fundamental parts of this business and cuts out redundancy and needless activity.”

“A prescriptive deployment of technology also leads to a redeployment of human resources to core activities and critical tasks,” Kukiela said. “Human talent needs to be focused on getting ahead for tomorrow and not on solving yesterday’s problems.”

Investing in TMS Solutions Deliver Impressive ROI

The return on investment in a TMS is impressive for both shippers and carriers, Kukiela pointed out. For example, each can realize savings by using information to consolidate loads, expand lead times, better manage fleets for improved utilization, and generally increase velocity so trucks and drivers keep moving. A mutual value proposition in increased shipment visibility for both shippers and carriers as well is lower claims rates.



“A natural starting point is to discuss those issues with peers and leverage experienced TMS providers and external expertise to diagnose needs,” Kukiela continued. “Do your homework about current processes. You have to know where you’re at before you can know where to go.”

Pay Now or Pay Later

Patrick Tucker, transportation & logistics solutions manager at Panasonic, noted that while complexity and cost issues are top challenges, low hanging ROI fruit takes priority. “The pay now or pay later concept applies,” he said. “It’s a question of knowing what you don’t know so you can have the right investment priorities and make sure you have the right tools up front.


In the next ten years, Michael Kukiela noted, the supply chain will be larger and faster. “透明供应链更高效,有弹性和预测性,“他说。“运输公司不使用技术,以制定更明智的决策并领先于明天的需求,将难以找到能力和创造战略伙伴关系,并不会进化。”金沙真人平台官网